Accessible content includes everyone.

Hi. I’m Kelly Thibodeau.

As the daughter of a mom with physical, motor and cognitive disabilities, I’ve witnessed first hand the impact of an inaccessible world and want to affect change to build a more inclusive society.

Kelly is a white woman, wearing glasses and a pink dress jacket, standing against a floral wallpaper background.

I’ve been working on creating accessible web and social media content since 2007, and I’ve developed and delivered university courses and training programs that are designed to engage people and make learning fun.

I’m passionate about digital accessibility and am the creator of the Website and Social Media Content Accessibility Class.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s just starting out or a seasoned business professional, I can help you create a more inclusive online presence through practical strategies, training and insights about digital accessibility.

 Why work with me?

Because I take the time to thoroughly understand your business and your audience, design a digital accessibility plan and help you show the world that it matters to your organization.

I believe that content can’t be conversational until it’s inclusive, and that by bringing diverse people and perspectives together, we create richer and more meaningful dialogue.

I’m also the Founder and President of Squarely Accessible.

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