My story

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One of the best things about my career story is the unexpected twists and turns. If you had told me at the beginning of my journey that social media would be the thing that wakes me up in the morning, you’d have heard me LOL.

The road through my career has been paved with relationships — from the C-suite to the front lines. Ultimately, I’m a customer advocate, a champion for change and a digital rebel. You say you’ve always done it that way? I dare to think differently.

I’m passionate about helping businesses elevate their customer relationships, and taking social media beyond a traditional marketing focus to listening, storytelling and engagement. In my books, social media isn’t simply a channel to broadcast company content. Being present means understanding your customers, creating two-way dialogue and being there when they need help.

I have the expertise to help business leaders embrace technology and understand how to use social media to engage authentically with their audiences. It isn’t good enough to simply be able to build relationships in person anymore. Today’s leaders leverage social media to extend and expand their thought-leadership, build their personal and professional brands and ultimately attract new customers to the business and retain existing ones.

I’m a firm believer that the best organizations empower their employees to be trusted brand advocates. People are the heart of every business. In social media, this translates into true collaboration spaces that help employees think and work differently, lean on each other and share information, and includes robust content sharing programs to activate employees’ social networks and create enthusiastic, loyal brand advocates.

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